Label materials

· Polyester woven hotcut · Polyester woven coated · Polyester woven hotmelt · Polyester woven hotmelt longline folded · Polyester woven hotmelt, prepunched labels on backing paper with tractor feed perforations
· Polyester nonwoven hotmelt · Polyester nonwoven hotmelt, prepunched labels with tractor feed perforations
· Nortex woven hotmelt · Nortex nonwoven hotmelt · Nortex paper hotmelt · Label protectionfilm · Plastic thin hotmelt · Plastic thinmed hotmelt · Plastic medium hotmelt · Plastic thick hotmelt

Label ink products for textile processing
· Ink ribbon cartridge for Norsel dot matrix printer/inkfilmrolls for thermotransfer printer with cutter